Community Support Programs

As a community club, we believe giving back and contributing is important for our kids to understand.

Accordingly, Barnstoneworth supports various community programs where we believe we can

make a difference and provide soccer for those who may not normally have access to the game.​

Blind Sports Victoria

(Vision Impaired Support)

Blind Soccer, or Blind Football as it is known internationally, is an internationally recognised sport played at the Paralympics.

The sport of blind football is very much in its infancy in Melbourne and in Australia and Barnies is one of only three clubs selected in Victoria to implement the Blind and Vision Impaired AIA Vitality MiniRoos for 2015 .

Barnstoneworth with the assistance of Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria is working with Football Federation Victoria to build the capacity of our club to provide opportunities for people with a vision impairment of all ages to participate in football.

Karen Community

(Refugee Support)

The Westgate Baptist Community (WBC) has developed special links with the Karen people of south east Myanmar (Burma) and especially the people in some of the refugee camps along the Thai border.  

Importantly, the WBC has been instrumental in bringing out several families as refugees to settle in Australia, and have provided social, language and material aid.

Barnstoneworth has been able to assist the Karen community to further participate in community life by sponsoring various children to play soccer at Barnies.

Barnstoneworth has also taken great pride in being able to suport the Karen Community with our ongoing sporting assistance.

Football for Fun

(Intellectual Disability Support)

In conjunction with Hobson’s Bay City Council and Jobs West, Barnstoneworth hosts an Access For All Abilities programme for children with disabilities. 

Today the programme is called Football4Fun and caters for families with children with special needs.

The Program is open for Primary School aged children who attend a Special Developmental School and or a mainstream School, but have an Intellectual Disability and or special learning needs.

The group size is limited to 10 participants, with any eligible participants from last season, getting the first opportunity of playing this season.